Hi there, I’m Julie and I’m a sociologist. Well, kind of. I have a Bachelor of Arts, Specialization Sociology, from Concordia University, in Montreal, Canada, but I’m not a practicing sociologist. I’m more of a web geek type person.

Honestly, I only really chose sociology as a degree because there were no pre-requisites. That, and I’d taken one Intro to Sociology course in the past. At worst, I figured that I could take a few classes and transfer into psychology or English literature if sociology wasn’t my thing.

Surprisingly enough, sociology turned out to totally be my thing! My mind was completely blown when I took a Sociology of Cyberspace class in my first semester, taught by Dr. Bart Simon. Over the course of my degree, I learned a ton of stuff and so much of it was applicable to the “real” world.

I’ll share a secret with you — I’m not someone who grasps theories with ease. I’m just not a very theoretical kind of person. Things really only start to make sense to me when I have an example of the theory at work. And yet, I really enjoy sociology and various sociological theories. So, I decided to start up this website, mostly for people like myself, who don’t always grasp the terminology and theories altogether quickly.

Sociology Made Simple?


Depressing, isn’t it?

Yes! Sociology has a bad rap. So many of the theories associated with sociology come from dense texts that were originally written in German. So many of the theorists are dead German dudes! Once it’s explained, it’s not so bad, but I have spent perhaps weeks’ worth of time in my life pouring over dense, almost unintelligible texts, trying to discern some kind, any kind, of meaning from them!

Sociology Made Simple is my humble attempt to help you to unpack and digest various terms, theories, ideas and concepts all related to the field of sociology. I’m not a professor. I’m not a TA, nor have I ever been one. I’m just someone with a BA in sociology who thinks that it can be made more accessible.

On this site, you’ll find some plain-English definitions and explanations for stuff that you’ll come across in the discipline. Don’t quote me in your papers, because they’re just simplified so that you can walk away understanding more about the term or concept. Put another way, I am not an academic, peer-reviewed source!

That said, I really hope that I can help you understand more about all things sociological. I love the subject and I’m eager to help more people connect with it.

Of course, if you have any questions, please leave a comment. I’d be glad to hear from you!